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CatReferral Policy
Many veterinary hospitals refer emergency calls to us in the evenings and on weekends. In case of an emergency, we ask that you first call your regular veterinarian. On many occasions, you will be given our clinic number. Do not be disappointed to find that your pet’s own doctor is not here. Referring you to our emergency clinic is simply the best way to ensure that your pet will be cared for through the entire evening by a complete medical and paramedical staff. Your regular daytime veterinarian works long, hard hours and it would not be fair to expect him or her to work around the clock.
Please give us a call before coming into the clinic. This will enable the staff to be prepared for your animal’s arrival. We will suggest immediate first-aid measures and then give you specific directions to the emergency clinic.
Animal Emergency Clinic of Northwest Arkansas does not receive any funds or grants from any town, county, state or federal agency. An emergency fee is charged to all clients. This is to meet the additional costs of maintaining a well-equipped and fully staffed emergency facility, which is open more than 130 hours a week. All monies collected remain within the corporation to pay clinic personnel, and to maintain, supply and equip the clinic to serve you and your pet.
To avoid misunderstandings, the emergency fee and form of payment will be discussed prior to admitting the patient. The doctor on duty will give an estimate of further charges for treatment, surgery, etc. In some cases, a full evaluation of your pet may take several hours, and an accurate estimate may be delayed until then. If your pet’s condition changes after being admitted, we will attempt to contact you for authorization for further treatment. 
Dog on Red CarpetFees are due at the time that services are rendered and a deposit is required for hospitalized patients. We accept most major credit cards and CareCredit. Upon the release of the patient, you will be given an itemized receipt, as well as a full medical record. We do not allow charging or provide for payment plans.  
Fracture Cases
When a patient is presented to us with a fractured limb, the majority of the time we will take X-rays of the limb, but we will not undertake orthopedic surgery. A fracture is generally not life threatening. The attending shock or pain is our primary concern. Your regular veterinarian can undertake the necessary surgery and any extended aftercare needed for fracture cases.  
On many occasions, the clinic experiences a rash of emergencies. Our admitting staff indentifies those patients in the most critical conditions and presents them first to the doctor on duty, which sometimes interrupts an examination already in progress. We will examine all patients presented in as short a time as possible, but in times of a heavy caseload, the veterinarian often finds it necessary to ask less critical cases to wait. 
All patients must be picked up before 7 a.m.
, Monday through Friday. Patients hospitalized on a holiday must be picked up before 7 a.m. on the morning following the holiday. If you arrive between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., we may be able to handle your discharge more promptly.
White DogOn discharge, your pet may not be fully recovered. Please bring something to cover your car seats, a leash for your dog, and a carrier or a box for your cat.
Instructions for your pet’s care will be given at the time of discharge. Payment for services rendered is accepted through most major credit cards and CareCredit.
Transferred Patients
Your pet’s condition may require further care at your regular veterinarian’s office on discharge. We will contact his or her office and inform them that you are coming in and of the medical status of your pet. We will give you a copy of your records and we will fax a copy to your veterinarian for your pet’s permanent record. We stress that proper follow-up care is of great importance to the successful outcome in all cases. Even when an office visit is not immediately called for, we suggest that you call your veterinarian the morning following your visit to the emergency clinic. If you have no veterinarian, you may wish to select one from a list provided by the emergency clinic.
Shannon McClure, Office Manager
Animal Emergency Clinic of Northwest Arkansas
777 Mathias Drive, Suite B  
Springdale, AR 72762

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